USB-C Type-C 3.1 Data Sync Charger Charging Cable Cord for Samsung S8 & Others

  • $5.79
  • Save $1.21

USB type C is the new standard in USB. With a reversible tip, you'll never have to worry about which way the cable goes in ever again.

All the newest phones by Sony, OnePlus, Samsung, and other brands feature this type of charging cable. In addition to being reversible, the connector tip is also much more reliable than micro USB, thanks to the lack of tiny pins on the bottom to keep it "hooked" in place. It is simply better by design in many ways.
USB C is also the future. If you've just made the switch to a newer phone that supports it, this will likely be the last type of charging cable you'll ever need. In addition to fast charging*, this cable is also capable of efficient data transfer speeds. 
*Speed of charge depends on the charging brick/outlet you use. We recommend a 2.4A charger or greater.

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