Our Policies

Is it important that customers understand our policies so that we may do business together. Please take the time to understand how our business runs and how we are trying to be successful.


Honesty is The First Policy

If we make a mistake, we will admit it. If we mischarge you, we will contact you promptly. We are honest about our business practices, our services, and our products.


Pricing Policy For 3rd Party Sites (eBay, Amazon)

Unfortunately, because the cost of doing business is so high on Amazon and eBay, we need to charge more for our products on those sites. We highly encourage customers to buy directly through us on our own website, as we don't have to pay ridiculous membership or store fees and per-item fees. If you are an eBay or Amazon buyer and are reading this, we promise to give you the best deals and prices, but only on our own site. We need to make a profit, and Amazon and eBay make that much harder. We appreciate your continued business and hope to have you order again directly through us.


Return Policy

We hope that we can represent our products and services properly. In the event that something goes wrong or you aren't happy with your order, we accept returns. However, you must pay return shipping costs, and if the item or packaging is damaged, or, if the item is being returned due to remorse, we ask for a 20% restocking fee, as we are not a large business that can handle many returns. 


Shipping Policy

We try to build the cost of applicable shipping into each item, so that you don't have to worry about any additional charges. Let us do the math for you! On occasion, we may price our products too low by accident. In this instance, we will reach out to you and ask you to cover the remaining shipping cost. If you do not want to, we can simply cancel the order.

In addition to the above information about our shipping, all items whose regular price is above $180 will require a signature upon delivery. This is to avoid lost/stolen packages as well as fraud.


Privacy Policy

We understand that privacy is huge in the 21st century. We have no bad intentions when collecting your information. We merely collect information to improve our own business, not to make a profit. Knowing more about our customers helps us figure out what people want, and what will be successful. 


Dead on Arrival (DOA) Policy

We do our best to test things before sending them out. If you are victim to an unfortunate incident in which something is nonfunctional upon delivery, we will pay return shipping costs. In the event that we find that the item is indeed functional and that you misrepresented your case, we will charge a higher restocking fee and may blacklist your address from future purchases. Please message us for troubleshooting before you assume something is broken!


We will keep this page updated as time goes on. Please check back on a regular basis.