Tech Recycling

Recycle your used or broken electronics at XBit!

Experience what it's like to recycle your tech with a store that gives back. Get entered in recycling drawings to win prizes, get coupons, and get store credit.

We recycle electronics for the local community to provide more value. While we may re-sell recycled electronics, we do our best to make it worth your while as the person who's giving us the electronics. One person's trash is another's treasure. While we may profit off of your recycled goods, we aim to give you great deals on recycled things that you need that other people recycled.


Contact us on social media to set up an appointment for us to pick up or have you drop off your electronics!

Note: We do NOT take televisions, washers, dryers, vacuums, blenders, or other major home appliances. Only computers/laptops, parts, flat panel monitors, and the like.